Wi-Fi company sues Nintendo, Sony and Apple

You know what we haven’t had in a while? A patent lawsuit! Yes, it’s time once again for a vague idea to be used by some parasites who smell free money. Our hopeful contender this time is Bandspeed, a Wi-Fi company that is taking Sony, Nintendo and Apple to court over its use of Wi-Fi.

Bandspeed claims that the three companies infringe on two of its patents, titles: “Approach for Selecting Communications Channels Based on Performance,” and “Approach for Managing Communications Channels Based on Performance.” The patents seem related to frequency hopping, and appear to target the wireless connectivity of the PS3, the Wii and the iPhone. 

I hate patent lawsuits almost as much I hate discrimination suits from people who were fired for being crap at their jobs. Expect a few months of stalling, followed by a settlement, then wait for the next patent troll to come along.

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