Why you shouldn’t reveal your innermost secrets on XBL

For most of us, it goes without saying that certain things should not be discussed in internet chat rooms or even on Xbox Live. Well, some people are just noobs when it comes to anything online — the idiot of this story is no exception.

TeamXbox has the scoop on a high school student from Ohio that had a little run in with the FBI:

According to Ashville Police, an unnamed middle school student told a California teen during an Xbox 360 Live chat on Monday that he would bring a 9 mm pistol to school. That teen’s father alerted the FBI.

The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release that a search warrant was executed, and the Xbox, a firearm (not a 9 mm) and other “items of evidentiary value” were seized.

Next time you’re playing a round of Gears with your buddies, don’t talk about anything incriminating. Otherwise, you could end up Xboxless like this guy.

[Thanks, Soccerking3t

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