Why yes, yes there is a corgi gun in XCOM 2

Thank you based mods

Shout out to the ravioli-date-owing boo Dalé and shout out to XCOM 2, which, damn, I want to be playing right now and shout out to JonTerp whose mod turns a gun into a cute-ass corgi. It fits fight up there with the three “official” XCOM 2 launch mods done by the Long War mod folks.

This game is making me so happy and I haven’t even played it yet, if you couldn’t tell by my manic fervor as I wrote about XCOM 2 just earlier in the afternoon while talking about skeleton cum and Ecto-Cooler.

Of course, there are some of us who feel JonTerp’s mod does not go far enough, and that a total conversion mod worthy of the name Corgicom is still desired. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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