Why yes, I’d absolutely play this fixed camera Resident Evil 2 mod

Why not both?

I know a lot of people are over tank controls and fixed camera angles, but here’s a wild and crazy idea: you can play games that have them and games that don’t!

I still frequently return to classic Resident Evils despite the bevy of remakes and remasters thrown our way. I adore the tension that both of those old school mechanics bring to the table. The modern updates tend to play great, too. Again, there’s room for both in my life.

Which is why I absolutely love this “fixed camera angle mod concept” for the Resident Evil 2 remake on PC. Due to its wax on wax off nature it’s an option, and a completely valid way to engage in another playthrough in this incredible game I’ve already beaten four times.

As for the reality of the mod, YouTube user Enveloping Sounds calls it a “dream concept,” using “a free cam cheat table, manually composing each scene, and running Leon through them one by one.” According to them it’s “not the easiest thing to do” and is only shown off for the intro at present.

Chris Carter
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