Why yes, I did want a new trailer for pinball adventure Yoku’s Island Express


While it doesn’t have a date nailed down, it’s not long until the scheduled release of Yoku’s Island Express during the second quarter of this year. In case you’ve forgotten about the pure bundle of joy/dung beetle pinball game, publisher Team17 has a new trailer out for it.

This one is meant to showcase some of the unique abilities the insect protagonist has to aid its Sisyphean quest. Some of these were available in the PAX West build, like the noisemaker that can grab the attention of nearby characters (or just blown at random all the time because it’s fun). Others, like the Dive Fish, which lets our bug buddy swim are new to me. The trailer also shows off the ability to give the ball a paint job, which appears to be cosmetic.

Yoku’s Island Express is coming out within the next few months on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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