Why Halo there! 10 Minutes of Halo Wars plus a bonus video

Make sure you’re comfortable before you start to watch this Halo Wars demonstration video — it’s long! Lead designer Graham Devine narrates the 10 minute long video as he shows us how the Halos will play like. The video starts off with Pelican in flight being escorted by a couple of SkyHawks. The Pelican drops off a few Marines and thats when you take control of your forces. 

Graham shows off the mechanics of the base, the natural human feel to the characters and how the Xbox 360 controller will be able to handle the RTS control of the game. We are also shown how the battles will take place between the Covenant and the humans and how each type of infantry will assist in the battles. The best part of the video for me was finally seeing the M.A.C. gun in action. I always read about them in the books so it was pretty satisfying to see how powerful the M.A.C. is. 

Also, after the jump, check out the high quality video from the live action Halo teaser. It’s amazing how different everything looks now from that sh*tty video I posted of it before

[Thanks, TheGoldenDonut!]

Hamza Aziz