Why does Square Enix keep doing this to me?

First, the Square Enix official online store opens and offers a variety of collectable items that aren’t available for purchase at any other retailer. Then, there were limited edition collectable potions which I was saved from buying because I just couldn’t find them anywhere. Now the potions have been revamped and come in these awesome cans, which go on sale in Japan on October 23 for 191 yen ($1.50). I’m already clawing at my face and trying to figure out who I know in Japan that can ship these over to me, when I notice that there is a second set coming out with accompanying figures on November 27th. Eight bucks for each (or 934 yen if live in the land of the rising sun).

All I want to know is, WHY DOES SQUARE KEEP DOING THIS TO ME? Instead of being rewarded for my fervent dedication, I’m bombarded with an onslaught of irresistable items that I can’t live without. If the time comes where I start selling my body to keep up with my need to keep up with the latest and greatest in Square merch, I blame chocobos. 

[Via Siliconera; thanks Adam!] 


Colette Bennett