Why didn’t anyone tell me you can become a cat in Grand Theft Auto V?

Stay the hell away from security guards

Yesterday, I saw that Grand Theft Auto V video of Franklin consuming a peyote plant and hallucinating he was a chicken which, because this is a videogame, meant the player got to actually control a chicken. Hah. Nice one, Rockstar. But then I moved on with my day.

If only I had dug a little deeper. I would’ve seen that the chicken is just one of many potential hallucinations, several of which are shown in this video from CVG. There are 27 peyote plants to find and their psychoactive properties will morph you into a random animal.

You can soar around Los Santos as a seagull, hawk, or crow; maul people as a mountain lion or coyote; and, best of all, run around doing cat stuff until a security guard feels so threatened by your antics that he wails on you with a nightstick. Let’s get a replay of via NeoGAF:

He just wanted to be loved!

I’m not exaggerating when I say these animal transformations make me want to buy the GTA V re-release as much if not more than the new first-person mode. Shame it’s not out on PC yet.

Jordan Devore
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