Why didn’t anyone tell me Dark Souls III PvP is just extreme prop hunt?

Is chairmancer a Dark Souls III class?

Prop hunt is a hide-and-seek style mini-game that first sprung up in Garry’s Mod ages ago. Players of one team are disguised as random, inconspicuous objects and have to hide convincingly in plain sight while another player or team tries to hunt them down. I’ve played it in Team Fortress 2, StarCraft II, and I guess you can play it in Dark Souls III now. Sort of.

I’ve never played much Dark Souls, but I’ve watched my friends play enough to know that the series just isn’t for me. Or, at least, I thought it wasn’t. Until just now I didn’t know that shapeshifting into a chair and using fus-ro-dah to hurl your enemies down an elevator shaft was a thing you could even do . 

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