Why be an untitled goose when you can be a lovely duck?

Float, quack, and be cute

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With the release of Untitled Goose Game and the reveal of Sirfetch’d, it seems that waterfowl are having their video game moment in the sun. But geese are arrogant dicks who will attack you and Pokemon Sword isn’t out for almost two months. We need duck representation right now! Thankfully ducklings.io is here, free, and lets you live out all of your deepest fantasies of being a duck in a small pond.

ducklings.io is another game in the .io legacy of free games, each of which sees you navigate around a map collecting things to increase your score. This time you are a duck collecting ducklings for your nest so that it can grow in size and Momma duck will show you some hearts.

I’ve been playing it as a browser game, but there’s also an Android and Apple app for those who want to float on the go. Some might see this as a mindless time-waster, but they are only suppressing their base desire to quack at a world that has forsaken them.


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