Why aren’t more people talking about Bacon Man?

Is it because he hates Pork King?

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People are still trying to figure out why some games do incredibly well on Kickstarter and others barely scratch by. Games like Hyper Light Drifter and Aegis Defenders look fantastic and deserve all the success they’ve garnered, but why is it that they’ve done so much better than similar games like Blossom Tales and Bacon Man?

Well the good news is, we have plenty of great videogames to play all the time now. You can barely walk five steps on the internet these days without tripping over a shiny new videogame for you to love. I just hope they all find good homes. Bacon Man has so many of the qualities that make for a great polygon-based 2D platformer — weapons that double as mobility enhancers, exaggerated color palettes and animations, and of course, food metaphors. It would be a shame to see those qualities go unappreciated.

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