Why aren’t more ads like this?

This 1980s Nintendo ad for Game Pak organizers and labels was cleverly changed by an unknown person to make the information a little more interesting. The pictures are still exactly the same as the original ad, but the both text in purple background and white background have been changed.

The purple background text reads as follows:

There’s a chill in the air this crisp autumn night but you’re warm and safe in your living room, relaxing with a glass of fruit juice and a game of Castlevania. Killing vampires goes great with friends, and the closest one you have is here helping you through a tough level. You pause. There are monsters up ahead, and you’re unsure of how to proceed. You turn to ask, and your eyes meet as if for the first time. Perhaps it’s the high from intense side-scrolling action that only the NES can deliver, but time seems to slow around the two of you. You don’t look away. You can’t. There’s something there, something frightening, something exciting in his eyes. It scares you, yet you must have it. Your gaze never breaks, neither does his. There will be magic tonight, but it won’t all be spells and potions in fantasy lands. Tonight, there will be a new adventure.

Nintendo: Now you’re playing with power.

And the white background text reads as follows:

Nurture your budding anal retentiveness with Game Pak organizers and labels. Package and label each game you ever lend to someone. Have both parties fill out complex forms to agree upon a return date and late fees.

Check the Nintendo Official Seal of Quality on these packs of Lending Labels to ensure you’re using Nintendo-approved products. Also, if you are lending your games to anyone, they are playing without proper payment and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law including you as an accomplice.

Sweet! I wish all advertising was this fun. See the view full of the ad here.

[Via GayGamer]