Who’s your Daddy? contest winners

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I know, I know — this contest ended awhile ago. Would you believe us if we said we had such a hard time choosing a winner, that it took us extra time to make the decision?

In any event, it was a tough call, and some of you really surprised us with your creativity. Using common household objects to turn yourselves into BioShock‘s ominous bodyguard, the Big Daddy, is no simple task.

But we had to choose, and the winners are … 

Our first winner is Sazemaster, who went to extraordinary lengths to craft his Big Daddy outfit. Saze has even detailed the creation of the costume, which can be found in his Flickr gallery. He’ll be receiving one Limited Edition BioShock faceplate, along with a BioShock t-shirt!

Our second winner (and also receiving the BioShock faceplate and t-shirt) is AngelsDontBurn, who is officially the smallest Big Daddy in the history of Big Daddys. Also, I hear he makes a killer omelette.And last but not least, is SPJglitches, who had to take pictures of himself wearing the costume in a garage … where no one could see him. Well, now you’re on the in Internet, and you’ve won yourself a BioShock t-shirt.

Congratulations to everyone who won — shoot me an e-mail (nick at destructoid.com) with your address to claim your prize. And to those didn’t, thanks for having fun and participating — we’ll be giving you plenty of chances to make fools of yourself in the future.

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