Who’s that? Oh, it’s Wario!

I have a crush on Wario. I don’t know what it is about him. Is it his queer little mustache, or his bulging muscles that compliment his porky gut? I’m inclined to think it’s his voice that makes me weak in the knees, without fail… He’s so dreamy.

Still, I’m not sold on the upcoming DS title, Wario: Master of Disguise, which is set to hit stores early next year. French gaming site Jeaux France has posted some new images of the game, which have Wario donning different costumes to take advantage of unique abilities in order to facilitate thievery. The game is being developed by Suzak whose track record includes F-Zero titles on the GBA and a game for something called the N-Gage.

Platformers, the DS, and Wario are a brilliant combination. Let’s hope dressing up Wario as a dinosaur is as great as it sounds.


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