Who’s going to win American Idol? Everybody votes: it’s a girl!

Dogs or cats? Chocolates or roses? Who cares!? What I want to know is this — who’s going to win American Idol?

As it turns out, the Wii’s Everybody Votes Channel might be good for something after all. In one of the most recent polls, the question was posed — who will win American Idol? A girl or boy? Well, the results are in! Nintendo has sent us word that the winner was a girl, receiving 64.9% of the votes.

The results are telling, yet obvious. Anyone who’s been watching that vouch for the fact that the girls are, as a whole, infinitely more talented this season than the guys. But who will it be? Will it be the scandalous and talentless New Jersey party girl, Antonella Barba? Or will the strong voiced, no-necked troll, Melinda Doolittle? Only the Everybody Votes Channel holds the key!

Oh, it’s so exciting!

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