Whoops! Persona 3 Reload announcement was leaked

persona 3 reload remake atlus leak

Uh oh!

Try to act surprised later this week when this gets officially announced, but apparently, the Persona 3 remake is real. It’s titled Persona 3 Reload, and if you look quickly, a trailer has been disseminated around the internet.

A remake of Persona 3 has been rumored for quite a while. Some have speculated that it was partially the reason that we got Persona 3 Portable remastered for modern consoles instead of Persona 3 FES. There were even further leaks later on, but their credibility was somewhat in question. Not totally unbelievable, but not proof positive.

However, it looks like someone on Atlus’ Instagram account hit post instead of schedule, and the cat got out of the bag. Not only is Persona 3 Reload on the docket, but there is also another spin-off title headed our way called Persona 5 Tactica.

Persona 3 Reload looks to be a top-to-bottom remake of the classic PS2 title. Currently, it’s slated for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in early 2024. Since this looks like it was going to be part of a Microsoft stream, I wouldn’t take that as the gospel. They just wouldn’t advertise it being on anyone else’s platform.

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