Whoa, it’s real: Grandia Online details coming May 20th

Well,I wasn’t writing about games back in 2005, so I’ll be honest with you: when Gungho games announced they would make Grandia into an MMO back then, I wasn’t exactly aware of it. This news did mak eme prick up my ears though — it seems as if the nearly forgotten project isn’t so forgotten after all.

According to 1UP, news of the MMO came via Gungho’s homepage here, which extends an invitation to fans to attend a Grandia Online conference in Akihibara on May 20th. Sixty people will be allowed to play the game at the event, which will also be attended by several guest stars including series composer Noriyuki Iwadare and voice actors Kikuko Inoue and Mariya Ise.

I’m curious, but doubtful this project will make it over to the US. I wish it would though, a Grandia MMO could be really cool. While Japanese fans wait for the event, they can busy themselves with the PSN release of the original Grandia or throw it on their PSPs for travel. I’m not jealous. Not at all. Really.

Colette Bennett