Who put that plane in my house: Lionhead concept art is striking

When Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux said his next game was based on a “single, pure thought,” it was hard to imagine what exactly he meant. Despite opportunity, Molyneux hasn’t elaborated on the statement, so it’s only fair that we speculate. Could the game be about something as simple as pooping? Or could it be something lofty like justice or survival? We’ve recently come across concept art from two different Lionhead games about the latter choices.

The art is from Leading Light Design, a company that specializes in concept and production design. One of the two projects that Leading Light has done for Lionhead (via superannuation) is named Justice, and the other has been dubbed Survivors.

Justice (pictured above) conveys its name quite well. The art suggests that the game will tell the story of an escaped convict looking for redemption. Survivor has the beefier gallery to tell its story. Some sort of disaster (or a series of disasters) has occurred and crippled the old neon boardwalk Coca-Cola lifestyle. The images show a variety of people in different places, presumably surviving whatever happened.

Both titles feel like a radical shift from what Lionhead has released the last few years. It will be interesting to see how Molyneux envisions something a bit more modern and (hopefully) without potions that remove scars.

Brad BradNicholson