Who needs graphics: three games in 15 pixels

Even if we all can’t agree that games are art, we can definitely agree that games can inspire great art. I think Art Attack Friday proves this well every Friday. As part of the UK’s Gamecity festival, the festival organizers commissioned three of their favorite games to be turned into minimalist works of art. 15 pixels to recreate some of the Gamecity organizer’s favorite games sounds pretty challenging, but the creative minds at the design collective Alaskan Military School have come up with some great stuff. You can see the video for Street Fighter above, and below are their takes on Parappa and Noby Noby Boy.

David Surman, one of the event’s organizers, had this to say about the works: “They each take one of our favourite games at GameCity HQ and translate them into a 15 pixel grid. It’s Hyper pixel minimalism! We realised that you can communicate the essence of great, iconic games with minimal visual information. I think this approach echoes the values of the festival, to take a sideways look at games, and foster a creative space.”

I think they did a good job, and by good job I mean these are totally frickin’ sweet. However, I must gripe a bit about calling Noby Noby Boy an icon of gaming. I would have totally called that one Worm and put different sound effects on it. 

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