Who is Flint? Someone get him his own video game (update)

Patrick D over at Creative Worlds has created probably the best sketch animation I have ever seen. A parody of the last Super Smash Bros. trailer released at E3, Patrick recreated the trailer in pencil and added a few new known and unknown characters.

Don’t let the idea of a pencil sketch cartoon fool you into thinking this is some video full of puppies and sunshine, because there is some real blood and guts in this thing. Sure, it’s in black and white, but there’s still age verification on this video so you know that it’s still going to scare somebody out there. Probably just old ladies on their death bed but hey it’s still somebody, right?

Check the video above and somebody get Rockstar games on the phone, because this Flint guy needs his own video game — if he doesn’t already have one. 

[Via Dark Diamond Network]

[Oops. This parody animation has graced Destructoid pages before back in December. CTZ posted it as an animated gif instead of a video though, so think of this like the enhanced video version of it with mind-blowing sound. Ooo Ahh!] 

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