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With over 70 characters to play now in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, just simply finding a character can be daunting. No, seriously, I have to remind myself the roster is in chronological release order, because it’s hard to parse all that visual information into “Where is the goddamn character I want to play as?”

There is a handful of brand new characters, as well as some major changes for a lot of the returning characters from Smash 4. Whether showing strong loyalty for an older character, or wanting to try someone new, I was wondering which characters the Destructoid community have been getting their hands on.

For me personally, Little Mac has always been a masochistic pick of mine, but so far I’m liking how Zelda has turned out, especially with her newly buffed down special, which is an even stronger Stand now. But when it comes to new characters, I’ve been playing Incineroar, otherwise known as Zangief. His Revenge move is the perfect way to top off one of my favorite new moves, the Alolan Whip, which leads into the clothesline. He’s also a heavyweight who hates zoning, but his Cross Chop is a kind of hilarious way to get around projectiles.

But who else is there to play for everyone else?

Shadeoflight is sticking with his boy, Luigi:

Luigi is still my boy.

Right now I’m practicing to land his Up-B more consistently. If you’re a Luigi main and you don’t have that in your toolbox, you’re simply missing out on early kills.

I’m training myself to look for the Up-B opportunity at 50-60%, and if things don’t work out that way and we head to 100%+ to start looking for other kills.

Gamemaniac3434 has been getting ready for Metroid Prime 4:

Samus, since I’ve been playing her since the start. I tend to go for characters I like and figure out how to make them work for me, as opposed to paying much mind to deep fighting game stuff.

I’ve also been working on practicing more with Ridley-take a guess which Nintendo franchise is my favorite-and yeah I like him. Hes big and relatively strong but hes also decently mobile and hes got some nasty attacks.

Wes Tacos hasn’t popped his cherry yet:

I haven’t actually started playing yet, despite buying it on launch day. I’m saving myself for Piranha Plant.

Agent9 has been playing Ganondorf, who, as I understand him, takes a lot of punishment but only needs three solid hits to take a stock:

A lot of Simon Belmont. I’m kind of surprised with how good he is. He does take some getting used to and initially I didn’t like the way he controlled. After continued play sessions however, I really began to understand the character and now he’s a solid part of my character pool.

I’ve also been using Ganondorf, the buffs they gave him make him a viable choice in high level play which I find great. I always liked Ganondorf but post melee wasn’t kind to him. It’s great to see him finally climb the ladder again.

Neronium must be blasting Gang Plank Galleon, I swear:

The King shall continue to Rool in my Ultimate team.

Siddartha85 has a solid stable of characters:

I’m using Ken, Lucina, and Samus. Ryu/Ken is pretty incredible. For some reason, they give me a feeling of competence and control. It’s probably the familiarity.

Samus has probably always been my main, or the closest thing I have to one in Smash. She’s just so good in so many situations. As for Lucina/Marth, I used to play a bunch of Marth in Brawl and that moveset is comfortable for me.

The biggest surprise for me was how much fun Incineroar is, which is a lot.

Zalno is a fellow man of culture:

Fox and Roy are still my boys, but I’m mixing it up here and there.

I’m playing as Shulk more frequently now, which I haven’t done a whole lot in 4 after Roy was released as DLC. I love how his neutral special was streamlined to a command wheel instead of pressing the button an X amount of times, making it MUCH easier to switch to a specific Monado Art mid-match. Plus, his neutral aerial is much faster now, which makes for a much more enjoyable aerial game with him.

I’m also adding Incineroar to my crew of favorites. I love the idea of having an over-the-top pro-wrestling grappler character in Smash. It makes way too much sense! Like Little Mac, what he lacks in decent recovery options he makes up for in a ridiculous stage game. Of course, I may be a tad biased. 

Jonathan Holmes used to be cruel to K. Rool:

I hate the Donkey Kong Country games and everything they represent.

I played K. Rool for the first time today and beat classic without dying on 9.2 difficulty. He’s amazing and I love him.

It’s amazing how Smash can turn shit into gold.

Adzuken expects you to get this reference for Simon. Man, it is Simon, right?:

Pixie has Zero Suit Samus in her line up:

ZS Samus, Bayonetta, Snake, Ryu, Ken and the Belmonts.

I default to Ryu and Ken a bit though. They’re good for warming up since I already know their moves by heart.

ZS Samus is my most played, Simon is #2 and Ryu has the most GSP. ZS is my No-defense Nelly.

ScionVyse presses buttons with Ike and gets a lotta damage:

I like Ike. I like Ike.

I love how he plays now, even more than before. He was a kind of bait and punish character, baiting out attacks then punishing with a fair or grab. Now I can just press buttons and people get hit. It’s great.

Palutena and Shulk are common picks for me as well, and to my surprise, I’ve been having a lot of fun with Incineroar and Jigglypuff.

MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS is max for the Kremling Kommander:

GoofierBrute is actually playing K. Rool too. Have you guys scene the K. Rool montages online? The guy’s busted:

Among the veterans: Rosalina, Little Mac, Bayonetta and Lucas.

Among the newcomers: Simon Belmont and King K.Rool. The latter is actually a blast to play.

Retrofaction is back on the Pokemon taste train:

Pichu… so good

Parismio has a clever choice for the counter-picks:

I like to call Ultimate the Marvel of the Smash Bros. series. A lot of characters have really busted properties, like Incineroar doing 40% in one hit, Ridley’s insanely strong f-smash, Pichu’s crazy new damage output, and King K. Rool in general. But I wouldn’t change it for the world because it’s not just that everyone is here and everyone is busted, but everyone is also fun as hell.

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