White Knight Chronicles funny: The danger of photography

I played and somewhat enjoyed White Knight Chronicles (review coming tomorrow) on the PS3. One of my favorite little features of the game was the Crystal Camera, a snapshot tool that I used like a phone cam in-game. I probably spent a bit too much time with that, as you’ll see soon.

I really like this White Knight Chronicles commercial that highlights both online play and the dangers of obsessing over the perfect shot with the camera. You’ll see. It’s quite funny. This is actually one of the better Sony ad videos I’ve seen as it manages to show the game and its features while being entertaining.

In my experience with online no one really talks. Minimal conversation at most. It usually goes like this: Log on, get quest, everyone run to the end of the stage, fight, get winnings, leave.

After the jump you’ll find a second funny video, found on VGCharts, that also highlights online play. Man, where are these guys online?

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