Whip confirmed as King of Fighters XIV’s first DLC character

My desires are…unconventional

King of Fighters XIV gets a bad rap. It’s yet another great entry in the franchise even if the new art style makes it seem more stiff than previous entries. I’ll admit it was tough for me to get used to at first, but after putting some time in, my girl Athena and I are wrecking the place like before. 

Maybe new DLC characters, like the just announced Whip, will help bring old/new fans into the game? Whip is definitely a fan-favorite, so this is a good step forward (though I’m vying for Yamazaki), and she looks like she fits right in. Her Climax Cancel looks especially fun to pull off, too. Wonder who the other silhouettes belong to

Whip will be available April 5th for $4.99 $5.99 USD. 

[This article previously reported Whip’s pricing at $4.99. It has since been corrected.]

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