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While We Wait Here cooks up some depressing restaurant drama in 2024

Yeah, I think about the end just way too much

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Bad Vice Games, the minds behind the murderous restaurant manager Ravenous Devils, has something different in mind for your next return to the food service industry. Planned for launch in 2024, While We Wait Here has you work your last diner shift before the end of the world.

Set during a typical workday, a global catastrophe gradually unfolds as you serve customers. While We Wait Here will give you the means to cook their desired last meal, and while you do you’ll hear all their reactions to what’s going on beyond the windows of the greasy spoon. There are multiple endings, but no real game over. You simply do your best while riding out the apocalypse.

As someone with an unhealthy interest in life and mortality, this is sadly my exact jam. Maybe blame Majora’s Mask, but a person’s reaction to the approach of the absolute unknown is fascinating to me. Since none of us really know what things will be like until we actually get there, so fiction is a great, safe way to explore this concept.

Unfortunately, we have some waiting to do. While We Wait Here launches on PC in 2024.

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