Which Switch Online SNES game are you playing first?

I could use another Demon’s Crest run

The long-rumored SNES Switch Online functionality was revealed yesterday. Finally! And thank goodness, it didn’t involve the similarly rumored “extra pricing tier.”

20 games all at once isn’t too shabby either (especially given the drip-fed nature of the system now), and that got me thinking: which game are you all going to play first? For me it was no contest. Demon’s Crest!

I’ve played it basically once a year since 1994, so I may as well get my 2019 run in while the going is good. I do the same thing for Super Mario World so it was a close second (I’ll never forget picking that one up and beating it in one sitting, then playing it all over again), and Kirby’s Dream Course is pretty much always on my mind when my SNES is on.

There’s a good mix of wackiness in here already! I can see Stunt Race FX being a curiosity: I remember playing it a kid’s barber shop and marveling at it so many years ago. EDF is an equally oddball selection, as is Joe & Mac 2 (which will go down in history as a “go-to” Nick Arcade game).

Man the SNES has history! By the time I leave this Earth it might still be a top five all-time console.

Chris Carter
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