Which order should you do the temples in Tears of the Kingdom?

Hebra is a good start

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom once again tasks players with going through four core dungeons: but this time, Divine Beasts are replaced with temples. Just like Breath of the Wild, you do have the option to choose which one to go to first, and we have some suggestions! Here’s how the temple order played out in our session.

Where should you go first for the Regional Phenomena quest, and what are the rewards?

Here is my order for my first playthrough, which I found extremely smooth sailing:

  • Hebra (Wind Temple) – a wind ability that helps while paragliding around
  • Eldin (Fire Temple) – an attack ability that can also open up rock formations (that are typically reserved for bombs or bomb arrows)
  • Lanaryu (Water Temple) – a shield ability that can also create water when striking
  • Gerudo (Lightning Temple) – a bow and arrow ability that causes lightning to strike down in an area

Here is the lightly suggested in-game order:

  • Hebra
  • Eldin
  • Gerudo
  • Lanaryu

In all cases, I suggest you go to Hebra first.

Just like Breath of the Wild, Hebra’s Wind Temple offers a locomotion-based reward ability, which will be useful for getting around the rest of the game. Eldin provides a very key power that can help you solve future dungeons or open up secret pathways if you’re out of bombs, Lanaryu provides a shield that can help with the chaos of the Lightning Temple boss, and the Gerudo ability can assist with crowd control.

The Gerudo Lightning Temple boss is also arguably the most difficult of the pack: so coming in later when you have more hearts and abilities is a great idea. You can make due with any order, but this one might make things easier!

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