Which Marvel’s Avengers character is your main so far?

I am Iron Man

Now that the 10-ish hour campaign honeymoon for Marvel’s Avengers is over, some folks have either started digging into the endgame, or have peaced out entirely due to the grind. Whatever the case might be, share who your current main is, or was.

What are your options? Well, look above! Or below! The top showcases all of them in their off-brand MCU glory (minus Ms. Marvel), with the bottom providing text options to lock in your vote.

As for me, I have to go with my boy Iron Man. It’s a hoot to be able to fly around the battlefield and tower over everyone but Thor, and building into different weapon specs allows for some ranged variety: a great way to combat the homogenized feel of the melee system. Oh, and being able to cover up that aforementioned off-brand MCU mug with a helmet is a must.

Black Widow is also a close second, as her ultimate ability can wreck shop in a group tussle, but Hulk is also sufficiently Hulk-like to warrant a go every now and then. Pick your poison!

Chris Carter
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