Which is your favorite Musou or ‘Musou-like’ game?

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Cblogs of 4/17 to 4/29/2022

-Dinokaiser extols their passionate love for Warriors Orochi 4.

-BlackRedGaming takes a look at the bombastic shooter Warstride Challenges.

-LordSpencer continues their epic PS1 REVIEWS series by looking at Capcom’s Dino Crisis 2.

-KirbyQ offers tips for dealing with lag in the Overwatch 2 beta.

-Flegma takes a look at the little-known MSX port of arcade classic Qix.

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-PhilsPhindings takes a look at the connections between The Legend of Zelda and Caribbean music.

-Kropo doesn’t want to work in call centers, apparently.

-QueenofPhilosophy welcomes the weekend with this week’s TGIF Open Thread.

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