Which is your favorite of Walt Disney’s classic video games?

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Cblogs of 8/13 to 8/20/2022

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-GoofierBrute takes a look at the forgotten SNES title The Great Circus Mystery.

-CriticalHitRate shares a link to their in-depth guide to the beloved Xenosaga series.

-Lord Spencer continues their PS1 REVIEWS series with Einhander, Rival Schools, and more.

-Eggs&BrewsterJr shares eight mini-reviews on a selection of 00s releases.

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-PhilsPhindings looks for similarities between pop music and Treasure Hunter G.

-PhilsPhindings continues their ongoing music series with a look at classic RPG Faxanadu.

-ChronoLynxx welcomes the Destructoid community to the weekend with their TGIF thread.

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