Which gaming personality would you ask to prom and why?

There is only one dev for me…

Picture this: It is two weeks till prom and you have to ask a gaming personality to be your date. Who would you ask and why? 

I’d ask the game dev formerly known as “CliffyB,” Cliff Bleszinski, because he encompasses all that is masculine yet still someone manages to maintain a boyish charm. Cliff has worked on such classics as Jazz JackrabbitUnreal Tournament, and Gears of War and now runs Boss Key Productions where he is working on the secretive Blue Streak. He is legen…wait for it…dary, and made the curb stomp totally cool again. 

Cliff has the cars, gets the girl, and the dude is Unreal. Plus I heard the Dude is Huge if you know what I mean; wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Not that I’m a size queen… If Dude Huge plays his cards right, I might even let him use me as his mouse pad

So CliffyB, will you go to prom with me? Please don’t curb stomp my heart.

Chainsaw one:

Yes or No 

This could be us:

Cliff, just so you know, if you say no, I’m going to have to Double Fine’s Tim Schafer because at least he will make me laugh with his puppetry. 

Jed Whitaker