Where’s our Batman: Arkham Knight review?

Arkham late Knight

A select handful of reviews for Batman: Arkham Knight have popped up on the net this morning. We don’t have one up and we likely won’t have one ahead of its Tuesday release. In fact, it’s looking like I will be heading out to the corner store to pick up a copy and some malt liquor at midnight.

I’ll have some early impressions up as soon as possible, then the whole kit and kaboodle, a full review, after I get through the thing.

It’s probably a fine game (reviews are positive, the first two are good), so I don’t know why Warner Bros. didn’t want to get it out to us early. Maybe we complain about its DLC and season pass practices too much.

Anyways, expect Bat-words from my Bat-hands straight to your Bat-brains next Bat-week.

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