Where Winds Meet revealed with some gorgeous-looking action

Where Winds Meet

A fantasy open-world action game with some sleek combat

If you dig open-world action with a fantasy flair, Where Winds Meet might be one to watch. Developer Everstone Games unveiled its new action game Where Winds Meet today, and it’s got some style.

Details are scarce so far about it, though we did get some look at the gameplay of Where Winds Meet today during Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022. It’s a third-person action game, with some gorgeous views and big open areas.

At first glance, it gives off the third-person action vibes of a modern Assassin’s Creed or Ghost of Tsushima. There are bows, swords, counters and follow-ups.

Where Winds Meet is definitely taking a heavy dose of wuxia inspiration though. The way the protagonist leaps around in the air, or runs up the side of a ship, is pretty sick.

According to IGNWhere Winds Meet is set during the Ten Kingdoms era. Different factions are vying for power, which seems like good fodder for tough choices and also plenty of battles.

More than just a warrior

Developer Everstone Games also told IGN that the player can opt to take sides in the war, or choose to pursue other goals. You can look to be a doctor, merchant, or even just a wandering swordsman.

Different fighting styles will also be incorporated, to add a little variety to fights.

We only got a small bite today, but I’m impressed by what I’ve seen so far of Where Winds Meet. A little more fantasy action in the third-person open-world action genre could be pretty interesting. No firm date or window has been set yet, but I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing more from this project and team in the future.

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Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter