Where to recover lost key items and gear in Tears of the Kingdom

Every so often you might misplace something

I watch my key gearĀ like a hawk in pretty much any game I play. No, I’m not even going to drop anything on the ground just to see what happens: I learned my lesson playing online in the first Diablo (trade indeed!). If there is a mishap though, there’s an easy way to recover some gear, if you’re up for a trip to the depths.

How to recover lost key items from Bargainer Statues in the depths

First, you’re going to want to make contact with the Bargainer Statue at Lookout Landing. Talk to it, then ask it where another of its brethren is for 10 Poes (a meager price for what you get out of it). When it provides you with a location of another Bargainer Statue, head down to the depths and locate it.

Note that these Bargainer Statues are gigantic faces in the cliff wall: so don’t look for a small stone like the Lookout Landing Poe shop.

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After speaking to a giant Bargainer Statue in the depths you’ll be able to buy back key items you’ve unlocked during your travels. For me, that included amiibo gear that I had scanned in (and still currently had access to). Think of it like a “catch-all” for big-time gear.

Items generally cost 400 Poes each so you cant’ go on a spending spree, but it is an option if you messed up somewhere down the line!

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