Where to Get Shiny Dipplin in Pokemon Scalet & Violet The Teal Mask

This shiny hunt takes longer than others.

A photo of a shiny Dipplin in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. It's covered in golden syrup instead of red.

Everyone wants Dipplin, Applin’s new evolution in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: The Teal Mask. But if you’re here, you probably want a little more and prefer your apple Pokémon covered in golden syrup instead of the traditional red one. That’s the look of shiny Dipplin, a rare version of this new Pokémon you can only get by evolving a shiny Applin, since there’s no wild Dipplin in the game outside Tera Raid Battles.

The main issue with hunting a shiny Applin is that it only spawns in trees. If you’re seeing one on the ground, that’s because it’s just dropped from a tree. Forcing Applin to fall off trees one by one can be a tedious task, but there’s a trick to speed up the process a little. It’s still slower than hunting Pokémon in Mass Outbreaks, but it’s faster than walking around looking up hoping you spot an Applin.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to get a shiny Dipplin from a shiny Applin.

Preparing to hunt a shiny Applin

A photo of a shiny Applin in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. It's a green apple instead of red, and the player character is taking a selfie with it.
Shiny Applin looks like a green apple. Screenshot by Destructoid.

To prepare for the Applin shiny hunt in Scarlet and Violet, you must have:

  • Cleared Team Star’s Poison Crew Base in the Starfall Street path of the main story.
  • A tall or floating high-level Pokémon in your first party slot. You will use it to force Applin to quickly respawn from trees. I used a level 70 Koraidon, but other players report using Dragonite, Dragapult, and Roaring Moon.
  • Two Herba Mystica of any type. You will need them to make a sandwich to increase your odds of finding shiny Pokémon. You can obtain them by clearing five or six-star Tera Raids.
  • Tomato, Onions, Green Bell Peppers, Hamburger, and Avocado. You can buy these at any sandwich shop.
  • A Shiny Charm (recommended). It greatly increases your odds of finding shiny Pokémon. To get it, you must catch or evolve all 400 Pokémon in the Paldea Pokédex and speak with Jaq inside the Academy in Mesagoza.

After ticking everything off your list, you’re ready to start the hunt for the green apple.

How to shiny hunt your own Applin

The shiny Applin hunt loop. Video by Destructoid.

To successfully hunt your shiny Applin in Scarlet and Violet, follow the exact steps below:

  1. Fly to the Pokémon Center at East Province Area Three.
  2. Head northwest toward the Poison Crew’s Base. Stop in front of the white gate with the banners in front.
  3. Save your game.
  4. Start a picnic and make a sandwich using:
    • 1x Tomato
    • 1x Onion
    • 1x Green Bell Peppers
    • 1x Hamburger
    • 2x Avocado
    • Any combination of two Herba Mystica
    • Any sandwich pick
    • If it works, it should grant you Sparkling Power, Title Power, and Encounter Power: Dragon, all at level three.
  5. Turn your back against the gate so you’re looking to the path that leads to it. Now, look right and you will see two trees with their trunks tagged. Go behind the one on the right and stay between the tree and the bush.
  6. Mount on Koraidon or Miraidon, then headbutt the other tree. Move away quickly since an Applin will fall on the ground, and you don’t want to start a fight.
  7. Go back to the spot between the first tree and the bush.
  8. Press R to send your Pokémon to attack the Applin on the ground.
  9. If the trick worked, your Pokémon will defeat the Applin and in a few seconds, another Applin will spawn on the tree and quickly fall in front of your Pokémon to be defeated by it.
  10. Step 9 will happen in a loop if you don’t do any input. If a shiny Applin spawns, it will stay on the tree and break the loop.
  11. Aim at the shiny Applin with ZL or headbutt the tree with your mount and start a fight to catch it.

You can be away from your Switch alone when doing this trick since it requires no player input once you start the loop. Literally. For example, it took me one dog walk, doing the dishes once, and watching two episodes of Only Murders in the Building to find my shiny Applin.

In the video above, I show how the loop should look like if it’s working. If your Pokémon breaks the loop while there’s no shiny Applin, repeat steps 6 to 9. It may bug out, it’s normal.

How to evolve Applin into Dipplin

You must use a Syrupy Apple on Applin to evolve it into Dipplin. You can buy Syrupy Apples for 500 Pokédollars southeast of Kitakami, at Mossfell Confluence, as shown in the map above.

Once you buy one, it will be in the “Other Items” tab of your bag. Make sure Applin is in your party. Navigate your bag until you find Syrupy Apple and select “Use item” to use it on Applin and evolve it.

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