Where to find the wrench in Resident Evil 4 remake

You’ll have to wrench it from its grasp

While the Resident Evil 4 remake development team went to the effort of making your goal clear at the end of Chapter 13, it’s still easy to get turned around. You need to make use of various card readers to boost up the security level of a keycard. However, you soon find one of them is behind a panel.

To make it clear what you need to open the panel, Leon will verbally mention that he needs a wrench. However, you can scour the immediate area and even backtrack a considerable amount and come up empty-handed. There’s even another hint in the letter found by the infrared scope that mentions the regeneradors and an incident recently where one of them ate some people, and the workers were unable to recover a tool. The IR scope is actually another clue.

That’s right! One of the regeneradors ate the wrench. But which? You won’t need to go far; it’s one of the monsters in stasis just outside the room with the card reader. You don’t have to release all of them to find the one with the wrench, fortunately. The IR scope will clearly reveal the culprit.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Wrench
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You will, however, need to kill the thing before it gives up the wrench. We have a guide on how to do that here, but essentially, you need to take out all the organs glowing in the thermal scope. Once they’ve all been popped, the big boy will explode, leaving nothing more than a grease stain and the wrench.

Once you have this, you can access the card panel. Like in the freezer, it will take a little while to update its security level. During this time, you’ll be attacked by Ganados. Fend them off, but be careful not to break open another regenerador tank in the crossfire. One of those creates an unnecessary complication.

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