Where to find Outrage TM 156 in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Where to find Outrage TM 156 in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

This one requires a bit of work

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Battle League Reps can serve as a roadblock for earning some of the more important pieces of equipment in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: from TMs to crucial held items. To pick up Outrage (TM 156), you’ll need to do a bit of battling in North Province Area Two, which is located late in the game.

You can find Outrage (TM 156) through a Battle League Rep questline in North Province (Area Two)

To acquire Outrage, you’ll need to defeat five trainers in North Province Area Two, and speak to the Battle League Rep (the exact location is in the gallery above). They will gift you the TM immediately.

Be careful: as several trainers that are really close to the zone won’t actually count. To find the exact locations of five trainers that will count toward your progress, consult the gallery below.

Where to find the five trainers required to clear the Outrage TM Battle League Rep questline

You can find the locations of all five trainers in the gallery below. Note that the trainers in North Province Area Two generally hover around level 55.

How to craft Outrage (TM 156), and the ingredients required

To craft Outrage, you’ll need:

  • 12,000 LP (League Points)
  • Dratini Scales x3
  • Axew Scales x5
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