Where to find Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps in Final Fantasy XIV

Access Shifting Gymnasion Agonon without breaking a sweat!

Treasure Map fanatics have a lot to look forward to with the launch of Patch 6.3 in Final Fantasy XIV. Shifting Gymnasion Agonon joins The Excitatron 6000 as an exclusive Treasure Hunt dungeon for up to eight players to explore. In addition to valuable crafting materials, expect to find exclusive minions and even mounts if luck is in your favor.

To access Shifting Gymnasion Agonon, you’ll need to find Timeworn Ophiotauroskin Maps. This is not to be confused with Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Maps that lead to The Excitatron 600. This is a notable change in tradition, as previous Final Fantasy XIV expansions typically only featured two types of Treasure Maps for their respective endgames. Counting the Timeworn Saigaskin Maps, Endwalker’s tally goes up to three. That said, gathering these maps should be familiar to anyone who has scavenged for maps before. Here’s what you need to do.

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How to gather Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps

The easiest place to find these maps is in Elpis. Poke around Level 90 Gathering Nodes as a Botanist or Miner until you see a map appear. Choose to gather it and voila! It’s that simple!

Since the Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps will always lead to treasure in Elpis, it’s easy to form a party for Treasure Hunts and take a gathering break to earn another round of maps. That said, like previous Treasure Maps, you can only gather one every 18 hours. If you aren’t sure if your Treasure Maps are on cooldown, go to Duty > Timers from the main menu and look for “Next Map Allowance.”

Reports show that Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps can also be found in Ultima Thule. Elpis is only optimal because you won’t need to teleport anywhere to use it.

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The market board is still viable

For those who don’t have a Gathering class leveled or just don’t want to bother looking for a map, you can buy Ophiotauroskin Maps off the market board like previous maps. Be warned that you’ll be reliant on the market price to obtain these. Stocking up while the demand is still high will cost you a pretty penny. Keep in mind that Ophiotauroskin Maps are still classified as unique items, so you’ll have to spread multiple maps out between your retainers and Chocobo Saddlebag.

It also appears that Wondrous Tails journals will still award Kumbhiraskin Maps, which will likely keep the price of Ophiotauroskin Maps high with fewer players offloading excess maps. We’ll keep our eyes peeled as more about Patch 6.3 is uncovered. Have fun hunting for treasure with your friends!

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