Where to find Gwen in Fortnite

Where she goes, nobody knows: Look out for Spider-Gwen

Fortnite has unleashed yet another crossover event, and it’s looking to promote the new Across the Spider-Verse film with characters like Spider-Man 2099, Miles Morales, and Gwen. The former two are full-on skins, but Gwen (who was a skin in a previous season) is an NPC. Here’s where to find her during Chapter 4 Season 2.

Gwen/Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider is located in Slappy Shores

If you attempt to focus on the “purchase an item from Gwen” Week 11 quest, the game will inform you that she inhabits Slappy Shores. Here’s the thing though: she moves around from match to match, and does not have a static location.

You’re going to want to look for Gwen in the northern portion of Slappy Shores, above the bridge with the Capture Point (the circle where you raise the flag). She’s typically found higher-up in the houses to the north of the factory.

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How to complete the “purchase an item from Gwen” Fortnite quest

After you meet Gwen your character database entry will be complete, and the Week 11 quest will pop. We recommend picking up the Spider-Verse Web Shooters from her to complete multiple quests: then use them to grapple 10 times without touching the ground to the west (where there are ample trees)

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