Where to find Cramorant in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Teal Mask

This bird is still a wild design

Ever since I saw a clip of Cramorant with a struggling Pikachu in its mouth, I was absolutely terrified of it. This Sword & Shield newcomer managed to garner quite the fanbase due to its eccentric design and nature: and has lived on in the annals of the internet for several years. Now it’s back in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet as a result of the Teal Mask DLC. Here’s how to capture it!

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Where to find Cramorant in Pokemon Scarlet

Cramorant is exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet. It’s one of the few creatures that’s native to this version of the game, but thankfully, it’s incredibly easy to find.

You’ll find droves of Cramorant to the east of the Teal Mask DLC map of Kitakami, as well as to the far north. They generally “live by ponds and lakes” according to the in-game Pokedex entry, and given that they’re both flying/water types, that makes perfect sense.

Can you get Cramorant in Pokemon Violet?

The only way to get Cramorant in Pokemon Violet is through trading, or through a raid battle opportunity.

You can use our handy version-exclusive guide here to easily plug in a trade code and get your own Cramorant in Violet.

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Does Cramorant evolve in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Nope! That freakish bird stays just how it is. Some people really like it! I’m generally afraid of it, especially when it starts swallowing Pokemon.

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