Where to find all the dojos in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

LIke A Dragon Dojos

They’re surprisingly easy to miss

One of the beautiful things about Like a Dragon: Ishin! is how much content there is to uncover just by walking around. Going left instead of right can open up a new side story or activity that you otherwise might have missed. Fan dancing, anyone? Fully exploring every street and alley is arguably the only way you’ll be able to 100% the game.

It’s also how new players are likely to stumble across the many Like a Dragon dojos. These dojos are where you’ll expand your skills in the game’s four different fighting styles, and if you want to make good use of the expansive combat system, you’ll need to put in some time at the gym. Because they can be so easy to miss, we thought we’d help new players out by showing them exactly where to go to find the Ishin! dojos.

Komaki (Brawler Style)

Komaki Dojo

The first dojo you’ll unlock is the Brawler Style dojo in Fushimi. Once you exit the Teradaya Inn you’re staying in at the start of chapter two, simply take a left and head up the alley along the building. You’ll trigger a short cutscene that shows the Komaki, the dojo’s master, arguing with his apprentice. Once you help settle the dispute between the two of them, Komaki’s dojo will open up as a place to expand your skills with the fisticuffs.

William (Gunman Style)

William Dojo

Once you hit the third chapter of the game, you’ll gain access to the two other Like a Dragon dojos. The first is located in Rakugai, just north of Fushimi. Head to the bottom-left corner of the area known as East Umekojicho, where you’ll trigger a cutscene that introduces William. As a westerner, he’s naturally deft with firearms and agrees to teach you some new things. Before I found this dojo, the Gunman Style was arguably my least used of Ryoma’s fighting styles. But with all the neat tricks I learned there, it’s become my favorite way to play.

Sword Dojo

Ginryu (Swordsman, Wild Style)

Further north of William’s dojo, on Karasuma Street in Rakunai, is Ginryu’s dojo. Ginryu is obsessed with the beauty and art of swordplay, so naturally, he’s your master for the Swordsman fighting style. When he realizes Ryoma has a gun as well, he becomes the Wild Style master as well. Be sure to visit Ginryu as soon as you can when you reach chapter three because just beyond his dojo is one tough swordfight that may have you switching over to easy mode.

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