Where to find a launchpad at Sunswoon Lagoon in Fortnite

Fortnite finding a launchpad at Sunswoon Lagoon

It’s at the top of the waterfall

Fortnite‘s challenges/quests generally aren’t too hard to discern most of the time; but in this particular instance, I spent roughly 10 minutes in Sunswoon Lagoon fending off multiple opponents until I finally found a launchpad. Here’s how to skip that process entirely and get your quest credit instantly!

Use the launchpad (high-tech grey trampoline) at the top of the waterfall leading into the actual lagoon

If you’re looking for a launchpad in Sunswoon Lagoon, don’t go hunting in the lagoon itself.¬†Although marking the quest as a followed objective will show you a generic marker in the lagoon itself, you actually want to get to higher ground. Land directly on top of the mountain, where the plains (yellow) biome connects to the middle jungle biome. You can find the exact location on the map above.

So what does a launchpad look like? Well, it’s those high-tech trampolines you’ll find out in the overworld, that allow you to instantly pop up and glide across the map (pictured in the gallery above). You may recognize them from Brutal Bastion, where they’re placed in several ramparts that allow a quick escape from the fort.

All you need to do is jump on the launchpad and you’re good to go!

Fortnite gliding challenge
Screenshot by Destructoid.

From there, just glide down the mountain and into the jungle to satisfy the next part of the quest: travel distance while gliding (0/100). You’re done! Steps 1 and 2 are complete.

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