Where the Wild Things Are trailer is suspiciously decent

So with much hesitation I must say that this trailer for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Where The Wild Thinsg Are: The Video Game looks pretty good. Now, that’s suspicious because, as we know, this title started life with the now defunct Brash Entertainment. 

Looking at Brash’s output, we have: Alvin and the Chipmunks; Jumper: Griffin’s Story; Space Chimps; The Tales of Despereux; and the Wii-exclusive Six Flags Fun Park, a true coup for Nintendo’s console. All of these games (and you’ll find little argument over this) were either incredibly mediocre or just outright miserable

So this leads me believe that Where the Wild Things Are, a former Brash product, probably won’t be great. But here I am, kind of interested to check out the game based on the movie based on the book. Maybe it has something to do with how excited I am to see Spike Jonze’s film, which by all accounts looks marvelous and beautiful. 

In any case, good or bad, the trailer for the game is at least kind of neat, and watching it will cost nothing but a few moments of your time. It’s out in October for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and Nintendo DS. 

Nick Chester