Where is ranked play in MW3? The launch delay and developer’s statement, explained

Activision is yet to release an official date for MW3 ranked.

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Ranked play has always been a big part of the Modern Warfare experience, but it’s still MIA in MW3 despite the release of the Season 1 Reloaded update on January 17. The exact reason? Well, it’s kind of a mystery, but it’s being worked on. In a recent tweet, the official account for Call Of Duty updates has addressed the situation.

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Activision seemingly wanted to make the ranked play mode a part of the MW3 experience by the time they released the new update. Still, the developers have reported the discovery of an undisclosed critical issue that they find worthy of checking out before rolling out the game mode.

As of January 18, they are yet to give a date and time for when ranked mode will be available, though it’s expected Activision to roll it out as soon as they deem it fit for warfare of the modern kind.

Until the new ranked mode comes out, players can enjoy the campaign, the ever-fun Zombies mode, as well as all the other competitive online modes, which have received a bunch of new features with the new update. Among the new additions, there’s the new Rio Map, as well as the Firecracker and A-Train operator skins from The Boys.

On the even more lethal side of things, there’s the addition of the new HRM-9 and the TAQ.

You can now train until the arrival of MW3‘s ranked mode on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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