Where is our review for Doom?

Copies are going out at launch

So, it’s Tuesday — the date that’s typically reserved for new releases — and there’s no review of Doom up. Well, two things!

First, Doom actually isn’t out today, it’s out on Friday, May 13. Second, Bethesda has informed us that copies will not be sent out until the day of release, so we will be unable to provide you with an advanced assessment of the game. As always, it would be wise to wait for thoughts from a trusted source before forking over full retail price — whether that’s us, or another writer or YouTuber/streamer.

The plan right now is to have Zack dive into the campaign for impressions as soon as possible by way of a review in progress, and then provide final thoughts on both the single-player and multiplayer elements when he’s able.

Chris Carter
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