Where is our review for Cyberpunk 2077?

Hoo boy

So the global review embargo for Cyberpunk 2077 has lifted, and we don’t have a copy yet. For US outlets in particular, this is actually the norm.

The short of it is, CD Projekt Red gave select folks access to Cyberpunk 2077; typically in countries other than the US like the UK, Australia, and India (or outlets that have a major international presence). Only a few outlets in total were allowed to play the game before today. Last week, we were told that we were getting an advanced copy. That changed when CD Projekt Red opted to not deliver keys to mass media; down to the wire, last Friday.

As usual, this could mean a ton of different things! Now, some people might see this as a complaint, but it’s not. I’ll explain!

I’ve been through this before, on both sides of the coin, for over a decade. When The Witcher 3 was released, we were one of the select few outlets (an actual handful) that was able to access a build via a debug console. Many times we’ve been denied code because of something we said about the publisher; only to be re-instated on the next release. Remember when Bethesda proudly shouted that it was “no longer doing review copies?” I don’t! I’ve been on the inside looking out, and on the outside looking in. It’ll always ebb and flow, even for big outlets.

So here’s what’s up. We expect Cyberpunk 2077 code to come in today, at which point we’ll work on a review in progress, and other pertinent coverage. At that point, we’ll be taking our time until we reach a final verdict. Business as usual. No one is going to crunch for this.

My advice is always going to be the same: read some impressions from someone you trust. You’re going to be seeing a lot of coverage today from gaming outlets, and a lot of talking heads sitting in giant yellow Cyberpunk chairs. You do you!

Chris Carter
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