Where is our Pokemon Go review? It’s still busted

I’m incense-d

Hey gang! I’ve been working on a review of Pokémon Go for this here website, and wanted to give you all an update. The plan was to play as much as I could over the weekend, but — and this is both the reason for my lateness and likely the crux of my future review — this game is all the way busted.

Every other time I caught a Pokémon? The game would crash. Whenever I enter a gym? Crash. Transfer a Pokémon for extra currency? Crash. Turn the game on? Crash. I’ve been having problems ever since I first downloaded the app a few days ago, but I still want to give it a little more time to show me the breadth of what it has to offer before I deliver a full write-up.

If Pokémon Go weren’t so broken, it would be utterly compelling from a social perspective. Just a few hours ago, my friends and I stumbled upon a massive gathering of fellow Pokémon Go players. We swapped tips and what little information we had in the purest example of corporate-sponsored zeitgeist I’ve ever seen. But I had to restart the game twice, and my friend missed out on several monsters because of glitches.

I’m more fascinated by Pokémon Go than I am appreciative of it, and I’m really interested in breaking it down for you all. Once these gyms stop freezing my phone, that is.

Mike Cosimano