Where do you want Call of Duty to go next?

I bet some of you will say ‘into the trash can’

Yesterday, Activision announced that they’re taking a break from Call of Duty. Just kidding! That was Skylanders. COD has three developers working around the clock to ensure that there’s an annual iteration, and it’s still selling very well. What Activision did say is that they’re moving to a more “traditional” form of combat.

So assuming that you don’t want to see the series killed off (it’s a fine response, but it’s not happening given that it makes money), where do you want it to go from here? By “traditional” does Sledgehammer (and by extension, Activision) mean “World War 2?” Would you want to see more unique historical settings that aren’t tackled all that much like World War 1, like Battlefield 1?

I think that’s really the way to go for a while, and if possible, couple that with an “every other year” release from Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer, who have been pumping out the best games in the series as of late. It’s really hard to say but if I had to answer, I’d want a World at War 2 from the former next, followed by a Vietnam (Black Ops kind of did this) or Korean war game from Sledgehammer that focused heavily on the campaign.

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