Where are the Tribbles? Star Trek Online trailer debuts

Fellow Destructoid editor Qais Fulton and I share a burning love for most things Star Trek ( I say most because I can’t bring myself to enjoy Enterprise — sorry, fans), and while I know I instantly lose cool points for admitting to loving the often-schlocky series, what can I say — it’s a guilty pleasure. We all have them, and I’d guess that some of yours are much, much more embarrassing than my love of all things Klingon.

After bouncing from Perpetual Entertainment and looking as if it could very well be abandoned, I have to say I’m both surprised and pleased to see this very handsome trailer for Cryptic’s upcoming MMO. It’s labeled PC on Gametrailers, but if you recall we reported back in July that it was slated for console release as well. It’s not due out until next year, so I’d expect this to be the first of many trailers leading up to the release. What do you think of this first glimpse into the STO universe?

Colette Bennett