When you’re just here so you don’t get fined


Look, I think we’ve all been there. Everyone around you is just so god damn on and you’re just there, going through the motions because you have to — or you’re not even going through the motions. You just show up. You’re a warm body. Everyone else so stuck in their rut that they hit their cues without input.

Really bad weather today and being at work is less fun than not being at work, your coworker offers from across the room.


How about that current event everyone’s been on about?


Yeah, you know what bothers me is…

The autopilot continues, unyielding, until we’re all dead. These fortunate videos from the new Ratchet & Clank, where a character misses all their lines and pantomime during some cut scenes, capture it perfectly. Yeah, I’m here, just do your thing and get it over with.  


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