When you stare into the abyss …

I don’t really visit Internet forums very often, with the exception of two: the Destructoid forums (natch), and Something Awful. I dig on the SA forums because the feats of intolerable stupidity that usually go unpunished on most forums are, well, intolerated on SA. Of course, every now and then us goons have to loosen our belts and let it all hang out; this essential need begat FYAD, a forum for acting in similar fashion to the hateful, stupid, grammar-oblivious denizens of other forums.

After years of policing the popular Games subforum for console fanboys and argumentative nutballs who scream that anybody who doesn’t play shoot-em-ups are losers, the SA Games forum finally has a FYAD of its own: Your Console Sucks.

Your Console Sucks is designed to be an all-bets-are-off sort of fistfight in the vein of classic internet gaming bickery, featuring such thrilling thread titles as “The OFFICAL guess which console my cat is looking at thread“, “Superman 64 was the pinnacle of entertainment“, and “PALADIN? MORE LIK IMBALADIN [BLUE PLZ READ]“. If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s not meant to be taken seriously.

I love Your Console Sucks. By cranking the idiocy to eleven, the most absurd brands of behavior particular to our trade become painfully evident — everything from mindlessly defending a console to screaming obscenities over whether or not Gears of War is better than Halo 2. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Aaron Linde